Experienced Staff,

Extraordinary Results:

Our stylists are skilled, creative, and customer-focused, building a great experience for our clients, and leaving you with a beautiful and confident hairstyle.

Find out about each of our staff below, or reach out to our Salon Manager for a recommendation and appointment.

What makes a good stylist?

  • Technical expertise: A good hair stylist has a thorough understanding of hair cutting, styling, and coloring techniques. At Shear Art Hair Salon we keep up with the latest trends and understand different hair types, textures, and treatments.
  • Creativity: Our staff have creative eyes for designing new hairstyles that complement their clients' features and lifestyle. They can take inspiration from their clients' ideas and add their own artistic flair to create a unique and personalized look.
  • Attention to detail: Our stylists pay close attention to detail, ensuring that every strand of hair is properly cut, styled, or colored to create a polished and finished look.
  • Excellent communication skills: We strive to be excellent communicators, actively listening to your needs and providing clear explanations and recommendations for your hair.
  • Customer service skills: Our salon is a welcoming and comfortable environment for you. Our staff builds rapport with the clients, making you feel valued and confident in their services.